Thursday, January 31, 2013

Catch up Time!!

Hello everyone.  It has been awhile.  I always take December off because of Christmas and that makes for a little bit of a slow January at the start.  I really didn't write any letters over my Christmas break so the beginning of January I tried to get some new letters out.  It has resulted in a good end of the month.  I actually received six returns in one day :)  Those are always great days.  I also participated in a private signing on and went to the Oakland A's Fan Fest.

Here is how January has turned out for me:

Eddie Brown - the excellent wide receiver for the Cincinnati Bengals and the Miami Hurricanes
Tony Carey - the All American defensive back for the 1964 Notre Dame Figting Irish
Phil Carter - a great running back for the Fighting Irish
Ralph Guglielmi - another excellent Irish alum
John Kuhn - one of my favorites - love the fullbacks :)
Bobby Jones - wide receiver for the New York Jets
Joe Lavender - cornerback for the Washington Redskins

Private Signing:
Bobby Jones - pitcher for the Texas Rangers
Jim Sundberg - one of the best defensive catchers in baseball
Bobby Bundy - Orioles minor league pitcher - was in Modesto for last year's single A all star game
Dylan Bundy - hot pitcher for the Orioles who made his major league debut last year (total surprise - had accidently sent an extra card to a signing that he was also a part of and he signed it for me)
George Wright - former Texas Rangers outfielder

A's Fan Fest: Evan Scribner, Sal Bando, Eric Sogard, Dan Strailey, Michael Taylor, Seth Smith, Bill North

John Wathan- one of my favorite Royals from my youth
Broderick Perkins - first baseman for the Padres and Indians
Don Mosebar - great center for the Los Angeles Raiders
Jeff Reardon - an awesome closer
William White - loved him especially when he was paired with Bennie Blades on the Lions
Ray Webster - an ex-Sacramento Solon
Patrick Lennon - ex Oakland A's and Seattle Mariner
Tom Gatewood - an All American and Academic All American for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish- formed a great pair with Joe Theismann
Bobby Bryant - a great defensive back with the Minnesota Vikins
Jerry Mumphrey - a very good outfielder for a couple of teams like Padres, Cubs, Astros, Yankees
Adam Melhuse - one of my favorites  - backup catcher
Leon Roberts - outfielder for the Rangers and Mariners during my youth

I will post pictures and post the answers to some of the questions that I asked later