Friday, July 22, 2011

What a mail day on my birthday!

Yesterday I went to the mailbox hoping to have at least one return on my birthday and I had five returns plusd the board and card I had gotten from the JR Reid signing on scn. I will talk a little about each one:
Michael Dean Perry-he returned a Browns pocket pro signed. He got overshadowed by his brother but he was an excellent player. I think he was actually a better defensive player than his brother.

Mark Herrmann-an excellent, if not the best, quarterback for the Purdue Boilermakers. I remember hearing about him when I lived in Belleville, Illinois. He was just inducted into the college football HOF this past month. He left Purdue with a lot of records and as college football's all time leader in passing yards. He signed a Purdue pocket pro for me.

Mike Wagner-a big member of the steel curtain defense and member of four Super Bowl champions with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He definitely had a nose for the football during his career. he had interceptions in two of the Super Bowl victories. He signed a yellow Steelers pocket pro. He also answered my character question- he said it is honor.

Steve Atwater-he was one of my favorite Broncos during his career with them. He should have finished his career with them but that is my one issue lol. He was a starter pretty much form day one. He was on the back to back Super Bowl championship teams. He was an excellent all around safety. He signed a Broncos pocket pro and answered my character question-he said integrity.

The final return was from Kurt Kittner. I really loved watching him quarterback the Fighting Illini. He is my favorite Qb for the Illini and the best one during my lifetime to play there. He led the Illini to the Sugar Bowl which was the best bowl game they had been to in almost 20 years and won the Big Ten tiltle for the first time in over a decade. He signed an Illinois pocket pro. He answered my questions: favorite memory- winning the Big Ten championship and beating Ohio State and Michigan on the road; biggest impact on his career-Ron Turner both on and off the field; football regrets-my NFL career. I would do things a lot differently if I had another chance; do you like the new Big 10 conference-yes I like the Illini division-Ohio State (in trouble) Penn State ( down when Paterno is done) and Wisconsin is toughest. He also amswered my character question with a great response: discipline. It is important to have the dsicipline to do what's right at all times, not only when in the classroom. Treat others like you want to be treated and have the discipline to work hard to achieve your goals.

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