Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Odis McKinney

I received another Raider in the mail today.  It was Odis McKinney who played for the two Raiders Super Bowl winning teams in the 1980s.  He was a very good cornerback.  He also played for the New York Giants before the Raiders.  He was part of the Miracle at the Meadowlands.  He got his first NFL interception off of Ron Jaworski to "seal" the game or so everyone thought.  If you don't remember, the Giants fumbled trying to run out the clock and Herman Edwards picked it up and ran it back for the game winning touchdown.  I asked Mr. McKinney about how he felt at the end of the game and he said he went from being a hero to a zero.  What a crazy game.  He also said he preferred playing in Oakland than in Los Angeles.  He also loved playing against Kellen Winslow twice a year.  He signed a Raiders helmet photo with the Super Bowl years.

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