Saturday, November 3, 2012

Jamie Williams, Tim Krumrie, Darnell Autry, Nick Anderson, Kendall Gill, Thomas Randolph

I received two returns this week.  The first was from Jamie Williams.  Dr. Williams was a tight end for the Oilers, 49ers, and Raiders.  He started his career with the Oilers.  He was a very good player for the Oilers and was used the most of his career as a pass receiver.  He went to the 49ers and won a Super Bowl.  He has the distinction of catching a touchdown pass from 3 Hall of Famers- Moon, Montana, and Young.  That has to be pretty awesome.  His favorite Oilers memory was his first conversation with Earl Campbell.  His favorite 49ers memory was walking out for the start of the Super Bowl.  Dr. Williams went to the San Francisco Academy of Art and created an intercollegiate program.  Now he is back at his alma mater-Nebraska.  I asked him what it was like to be back at Nebraska and he said every day is one of nostalgia.  He answered my character question- "in my opinion, my ideal character trait that I would consider most important is being a team player."

The second return is from Tim Krumrie.  He was an outstanding defensive lineman for the Cincinnati Bengals.  He is best known for the leg injury he suffered in the Super Bowl versus the 49ers.  The amazing thing is that he was ready for the start of the next season and played for years with a rod in his leg.  He has been an excellent assistant coach after his retirement. 

I have sent off a request to Pat Fitzgerald and it made me harken back to the incredible 1995 Northwestern team.  I loved that team and what a story it was.  Northwestern, a long time dormat in the Big 10, goes to the Rose Bowl and ends the season in the top 10.  I loved watching Fitzgerald, Darnell Autry, and D'Wayne Bates.  I was lucky enough to get Darnell Autry a couple of years ago for my coffee table.  He was an excellent running back and finished high in the Heisman voting.

I recently watched the 30 for 30 special about the Chicago basketball player that was killed and one of my all time favorite players was in it--Nick Anderson.  I loved watching him starting with his time at the University of Illinois.  I still remember him hitting a turnaround half court jumper to beat Indiana in Bloomington.  I am a lifelong diehard UNC fan but there have been two teams that have broken into my all time favorites-the 1989 University of Illinois Fighting Illini (Anderson, Gill, Bardo, Battle, Hamilton, Liberty) and the 1990-91 UNLV Running Rebels (Johnson (of course), Augmon, Hunt, Anthony, Ackles, Butler, Scurry).  The 1989 Illini were awesome and if they had called the blatant push in the back that Sean Higgins did on Kenny Battle, the Illini would have won the title no doubt.  I have been lucky enough to get Anderson and Kendall Gill on boards and one day I hope to track down Kenny Battle.  He would be an awesome addition to my collection. 

I have enjoyed watching the success of the Kansas State Wildcats and I hope it continues.  It has made me remember the 1993 team that I enjoyed watching (Thomas Randolph, JJ Smith, Andre Coleman, Kevin Lockett, and Chad May).  I recently was able to get Thomas Randolph thanks to a member on  I am very thankful for that.  I want to get more players from that team (the 1st ever bowl victory for Kansas State) which is why I have just sent out a request to Andre Coleman.

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