Thursday, June 9, 2011

My recent returns

Yesterday I received two more pocket pro returns in the mail.  The first one was a Miami Dolphins pocket pro signed by Don Strock.  Don Strock had a great collegiate career at Virginia Tech before going to the Dolphins.  While with the Dolphins he backed up Bob Griese and Dan Marino.  Those are two tough quarterbacks to try and beat out.  The thing I liked about Mr. Strock was that when he did get the opportunity to play, he played well.  There was no sense of dread when he had to enter into a game.  He had a huge game in the terrific playoff game against the Chargers.  He signed my helmet and answered my character question (honesty). 

The other return was a Raiders pocket pro signed by Warren Bankston.  He was a Raider that I watched growing up.  He started his career with the Pittsburgh Steelers and then went to the Raiders.  He was on the SB XI championship team.  He answered my questions:  favorite memory-winning the Super Bowl, greatest influence on his career-Tom Flores, character question-honesty.

He also sent me a handwritten note on his own paper.  He said that he was flattered by my request and still receives a few requests.  He said he never sets them aside.  He told me that he still remembers his second grade teacher which I think is great.  I teach second grade and hope to be remembered too.  He also said that the Raiders will be back!

It is always great when you see those envelopes in the mailboxes.

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  1. I hope all second graders have teachers as awesome as you. A teacher who writes FOR FUN, outside the classroom? That's an all-star role model in my book. Keep collecting and sharing. Well done!!!

    Tom Owens