Monday, June 13, 2011

Zach Britton and John Grubb

I received a couple of great returns today.  The first was from Baltimore Orioles rookie starting pitcher-Zach Britton.  I wrote to Mr. Britton because I have seen him pitch twice on television and really think he is going to be a good pitcher.  He has good stuff and control.  I grew up when the Baltimore Orioles were always contenders and won the World Series.  I hate to see the way the franchise is right now.  I think Zach Britton might be one of the players that helps them regain their place as a playoff contender.  I know it will be tough with the Yankees, Red Sox, and Rays in their division but the Rays weren't contenders until recently.  I look forward to following him throughout his career. 

My second return was from John Grubb.  I began watching Mr. Grubb when he was playing for the Texas Rangers.  He started his career with the San Diego Padres and made the All Star team in his second season.  I was able to see him play a few times in person when the Rangers would come to play the A's.  I thought he was a good player who when given the chance to play 100+ games.  Mr. Grubb went on to play for the Detroit Tigers where he was part of the 1984 World Series Champions.  He answered my questions:  favorite memory-winning the 1984 World Series; Favorite stadiums to play in-Fenway, Tiger Stadium, and Wrigley Field; Does he stay in contact with his former teammates-he sees them at reunions and still exchange Christmas cards.  He also answered my character question-honesty was his answer.  (a popular pick---hopefully my students will take note).

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