Friday, June 10, 2011

Two more returns

I received two more returns today.  One of them was from Tom Rathman on a SF 49ers pocket pro helmet.  It came out very nicely in black thin sharpie.  He has a very nice signature.  I loved watching him as a 49er.  I believe that Tom Rathman and Daryl Johnston were the best fullbacks of their time period.  Rathman looked mean especially when he was wearing the big shoulder pads.  I liked watching the Nebraska backfield of him and Roger Craig.  It is nice to see him back with the 49ers as a coach.  Hopefully he will help them regain their glory.

The other signature was from a member of the team across the bay-the Oakland Raiders.  It was from Mark van Eeghen.  I grew up watching him play for the Raiders and really liked him.  He was on two Super Bowl winning teams.  I had him sign a 8 x 10 of the Lombardi Trophy that was already signed by Phil Villapiano and John Vella.  It looks really nice.  He answered my questions: favorite memory-other than the Super Bowls-playing on Lambeau Field vs. the Packers.  They were my team growing up; biggest influence in his career-my high school coach; do you still talk to your old teammates-From time to time but not as much as I want to or should.

He also answered my character question and he said that the most important traits were honesty, loyalty, and perseverance.

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