Sunday, February 26, 2012

Steve Garvey and Gil Coan

I received two great returns recently.  Steve Garvey returned my LA Dodgers pocket pro helmet signed and added his number and the inscription 1974 NL MVP.  I grew up rooting for Steve Garvey. He was a great first baseman and part of the famous Dodger infield-Garvey, Lopes, Russell, and Cey.  He was a player that went out there and played every day.  I was hoping that he would be the one to break Lou Gehrig's record.  (Actually I wanted him to tie him, never wanted to see anyone break it)  I tried to copy his compact swing but it never worked for me, probably because I wasn't very good :)  I hated to see him leave the Dodgers but was extremely happy to see him with the Padres and help them reach the World Series.  I was hoping that they would beat the Tigers.  I am so happy to get this return.

I never got to see Gil Coan play but I have learned things about him from the book When the Boys Came Home and through old Baseball Digests.  He is a very interesting story.  He had an offer to play ball but chose to work in a factory instead because he didn't want to leave the woman he loved.  After they were married and worried about his own safety in the factory, he signed with a minor league team.  He made his major league debut with the Washington Senators.  He ended up getting a fractured skull in a later season and came back to hit over .300.  He has a very nice signature and he answered my questions.  I had asked about his mother (there is a great picture of them in the book above) and he said extremely nice things about her.  I really enjoy learning about the players in the past because there are some great stories there. 

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