Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mark Kelso

The Bills are kind to me again.  I received a return today from Mark Kelso, an excellent player for the Bills.  Mark Kelso was drafted in the 10th round and turned into a starter.  I love it when they show that the draftniks don't know everything.  He had a nose for the football--30 career interceptions.  I am really surprised that he didn't make the Pro Bowl.  He was part of the great Super Bowl run by the Bills.  I don't care if they never won one--it is still totally unbelievable and will never be duplicated.  I want to get as many players from those teams as I can.  I get more impressed with them every year.  His favorite memory is all the friends that he made during his career.  He still lives in Buffalo- he said there are no better people in the world- philanthropic, kind, and loyal.  I asked if he believed that players should be required to wear the soft shell like he did- he said that he thinks the soft shell technology is the future of all the helmet industry in every sport and recreational activities that requires a helmet.  He answered my character question with integrity.

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