Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wade Boggs, Tony Greene, and Vagas Ferguson

I am going to update a couple of recent successes.

I was able to get HOFer Wade Boggs on a pocket pro Boston Red Sox helmet with a donation to the charity he supports.  It came out looking great and it is so awesome to add him to my collection.  Mr. Boggs was an incredible hitter and was one of the best in my era.  Tony Gwynn and Wade Boggs were the top skill hitters I watched.  People always talk about the great Ted Williams and his ability, I think Gwynn and Boggs were the Williams of my youth. 

Tony Greene is another Buffalo Bills player for my collection.  He spent his entire career with the Bills and was an excellent defensive back.  He had 37 interceptions in his career and twice intercepted 9 passes in a season.  He returned one interception 101 yards for a touchdown.  He answered my character question with being true to yourself and you can do anything you want if you just try.

Vagas Ferguson was a Notre Dame star.  He was an excellent running back for them and was part of the 1977 National Championship team.  He was also named to the All American after the 1979 season.  He twice surpassed the 1,000 yard mark.  He finished fifth in the Heisman voting in 1979.  I asked him his favorite memory and he said it was the people he met.  The best part of Notre Dame was developing life long friendships.  He loved being at Notre Dame because it was biblically based.  He said he has been blessed.  His answer to my character question was love!

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